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Jennifer Tracey | 12:07 UK time, Thursday, 28 May 2009

Adam and Joe (btw Joe's the one in glasses)

Each week listeners send in single sentences summing up a news event in their week. Major or minor, we don't mind. Leave your sentence as a comment below or email it to us.

These lines of news are then combined to form our Your News bulletin, which last week was read by our neighbour at BBC 6 Music, Joe Cornish (above in the glasses)...

"Living with four teenagers, it was my joy to discover... loo paper in the bathroom.

I saw my son on a DVD of a TV programme - the only video I have seen of him since he died of leukaemia seven years ago.

My daughter's joy at getting a job was spoiled when she came out of the interview to find her car had been very badly damaged.

My Spanish son turned six, but despite years of court action he is not yet legally my son and I can't even send him a card.

I was introduced socially to the solicitor who falsely accused me of domestic violence during my our divorce. It nearly killed me, but he didn't seem bothered.

One of my neighbours, who sits as a judge and is furious at the behaviour of the MPs, is raising eyebrows in the community by openly stating he is going to vote for the BNP.

After 7 weeks of silence I had an email from my husband who is on board a nuclear submarine.

In the School Library, a student from Year 8 sauntered through and, without stopping, spat on the polished wood floor... when challenged he looked at me as if I was mad.

I commemorated the 375th anniversay of the death of the forgotten Jacobean poet George Chapman by playing a bright pink ukulele outside his former home in Hitchin. A crowd formed.

Considered turning the heating back on, but opted for an extra cardie, a pair of fluffy socks and a cup of tea instead.

I opened the curtains at 5am to see a baby barn owl on my windowsill, he looked at me most indignantly before flying off.

A grandson was born as we flew to New York, O joy; then my foot got mauled by a trundling suitcase, O pain.

I finally gave in and started taking the anti-depressants.

Spent three hours listening to cases of violent crime, but refrained from claiming £3.24 for a sandwich on the way back to the office.

My rather timid cat has ventured into the garden only to be dive-bombed by a large crow."

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