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Listeners' Opinion Poll

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Jennifer Tracey | 13:08 UK time, Tuesday, 14 April 2009

It's the wrong kind of pole

What you do: Send us a question you would like to be put to the nation in a proper opinion poll.

What iPM will do: Select a question from all the entries, help perfect the wording and pay for a polling firm to pose your question.

What listeners have sugested so far: "Have you seen anything you would consider to be a UFO?" + "Should families having three or more children be penalised?" + "Should we re-introduce the Dog Licence?" + "Have you ever witnessed a police officer behaving aggressively?" + "Should we legislate for a maximum wage?"

How do I tell you my fantastic question?
Leave a comment below
Email us. Please put Listeners' Opinion Poll in the subject line.
Write to us: Listeners' Opinion Poll, iPM, Room G601, BBC TV Centre, London W12 7RJ
And don't worry if at this stage you don't have specific wording. Feel free to tell us the sort of topic you want to explore, and we and your fellow listeners help out.
Read the Listeners' Opinion Poll terms and conditions.

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