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1001 uses for Royal Mail rubber bands...

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Jennifer Tracey | 10:02 UK time, Thursday, 9 April 2009

Rubber Band Ball

iPM is collecting red rubber bands thrown away by posties. Here's why. Our first donation (and a bumper one at that) arrived at iPM Red Rubber Band Collection, Room G601, BBC News Centre, LONDON W12 7RJ from Joan Adamson. Thanks.

We're also collecting ideas about what to do with them. The list so far:

+ guitar strings + hair bands + a teddy bungee jump + bracelets + seals for bags of sugar + bicycle clips + emergency belt loops + pencil-top erasers + waistband expanders + chopping board stabilisers + anti-slip devices for mixing spoons + anti-squeak devices for bed slats + saucepan handle covers + jar openers + a shoe tidy + cable ties + an aide memoire + barter for stamps + cat toys + flicking toys + gardening string + handlebar fasteners +

Paul Tanner - who provided the photo at the top (thanks) - says red rubber bands are a must-have collector's item for schoolchildren.

"In playgrounds across the land, you will find scooters with handlebars festooned with red rubber bands. My little boy scans the pavement wherever he walk. May posties everywhere go on discarding them!"

We also heard from Miss Merry at the sales department of a Vietnamese rubber company.

"Fresh Working day to you. We learnt you from internet. With us, you can be sure of quality, quantity, reliability."

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