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Your News: You sent them all in, he read them all out

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Jennifer Tracey | 09:33 UK time, Monday, 30 March 2009

Brian Hanrahan read Your News

Well, we didn't have room to read out every sentence of news you sent in last week (much as we would have liked to). Thanks for taking the time to share your news with Your News. Drop us a line anytime. Also thanks to the BBC legend Brian Hanrahan for reading your headlines.

Here's the script:

My son phoned to say I was on Google Maps, in my front garden, doing some gardening - it must've been summer, as the agapanthus was in glorious bloom. Is this fame at last?

Our foster child is moving on in a fortnight, and we're wondering when his social worker is going to get round to telling him.

Spent the last two days sitting in the intensive care unit in Wellington Hospital, New Zealand, holding my mother's hand after her quadruple heart bypass op - a fine holiday this turned out to be!

My husband didn't get the voluntary redundancy he'd applied for - now he's faced with either a promotion or compulsory redundancy, which means more uncertainty for the next 3 months. Do we spend or save?

My wife's become acutely depressed, and for the first time in our 19 years together wants to make love every night: how am I supposed to react to this bittersweet turn of events?

Send us a dozen or so words summing up an event in your week. Leave a comment on the blog or drop us an email.

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