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The Great Depression

Jennifer Tracey | 05:45 UK time, Saturday, 14 March 2009

Do we need therapy to get through the recession? The government thinks we might.

It fears that unemployment and debt will swell the numbers of people seeking help with anxiety and depression.

It plans to spend £13 million to speed up a programme of new therapy services it announced for England during happier economic times.

And it's short courses of so-called talking therapies such as CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) that it intends to fund.

After PM featured an item on it this week we heard from many listeners, including counsellor Amanda Headley-White. She helps run a low-cost clinic in Bristol called The Swan Project which offers CBT and other treatments. They've noticed a change in clients coming to them.

We also talked to Dr Tom Goodfellow, chair of a charity that helps people deal with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), called Assist Trauma Care.

Listen to Amanda and Tom talk about their experiences - this is the item as it featured in the programme

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