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Dynamic demand: best kept energy secret?

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Jennifer Tracey | 17:20 UK time, Saturday, 29 November 2008

National Grid gauge

Six months ago the lights went out for many people across Britain.

And earlier this month energy experts warned that the UK could face major blackouts in less than 10 years unless policy is improved.

It's really only when we lose power that we think about the National Grid and how it manages to balance the energy coming in with the amount going out.

This is where dynamic demand comes in, and with a new trial by Npower about to begin - the invention is starting to gain momentum.

Dynamic demand uses the stored energy from our appliances that are on all the time, like our fridges and freezers, to talk to the Grid. It can effectively switch our appliances on and off, giving the Grid a break at peak times and avoiding costly and polluting energy surges.

So why haven't we heard more about it? Will it help us meet our 2020 EU renewable targets? Is it the answer to Britain's blackout concerns?

Do you work in the energy industry? Are you taking part in the Npower trial? Perhaps you've done some research on this? All comments, stories ideas welcome, thanks.

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