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Crunch cartography: the return of the map

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Chris Vallance | 10:00 UK time, Sunday, 5 October 2008

22, 000 of you singled out filling up you car as your biggest concern in May of this year after we asked for your views on the credit crunch. These are the final maps - Britain and Northern Ireland - and you can also see a breakdown of the results.

We made no great claims to it being a rigorous scientic experiment, but it was an interesting snapshot. That was then, but what about now? Again we'd like you to help us build a mood map.

CASA (Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis) based at the University College London, has kindly stepped in again to plot the results on MapTube, their map-sharing website.

The question remains the same - what single factor is hurting you most about the credit crunch? But we decided to change the categories slightly:
* Mortgage or rent
* Petrol
* Food prices
* Job security
* Utility bills
* Not affected
* No data

We're putting the map together over the next few days - so let us know if there's something you think should be changed. Otherwise - watch this space.

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