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We'd like to teach the world to sing...

George South | 17:55 UK time, Saturday, 24 May 2008

Copyright problems mean that podcast listeners will have been denied the chance to hear our very first iPM song. It's Eve Graham of the New Seekers, and she's singing about this.

Not to neglect our digital listeners, may we suggest a home performance of the anthem? By marrying the lyrics below with the chords D, E, A, G and D, you can take part in our biggest crowd-sourcing project yet. We'd like to teach the world to sing (but we can't help on the guitar unfortunately).

I'd like to fix those Burmese homes;
Give poverty the shove
Grow sustainable trees, give aid with ease
And show Africa some love..

I'd like to reach the world and bring
It perfect harmony.
I'd like to reach its outstretched arms
But I need a company:
They're the real thing
The world needs them today.
They're the real thing
The world needs them today

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