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Suggest a story for May 24th.

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Eddie Mair | 11:53 UK time, Monday, 19 May 2008

On Saturday's iPM, we followed up a listener's suggestion and made a programme out of it! You can read more here.

MORE IMPORTANTLY - is there something you think we should to for this week's programme? It needn't be some huge fully fledged thing - just an idea...something you know about, or something you think needs some investigation. That's what we did with Craig's suggestion (see the link above) - so what can we do for YOU?

Click on comment or drop us an email please to ipm@bbc.co.uk.

++ update ++

The iPM has met. In the mix at the moment are:

Aid Distribution - if Coca-Cola can get its famous fizz to almost anywhere, why can't governments . Simon Berry and others on the blog suggest we look at his idea - how Coca Cola could save lives by using their distribution muscle in developing countries.

Data Centres - information rich but environmentally poor. We've now been granted access to one of these secretive places

And perhaps this tall story.

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