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Show Notes: Inquests, food, lifts and artificial intelligence.

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George South | 17:30 UK time, Saturday, 10 May 2008

Some of the stories we covered in the programme this week:

We were contacted by Deborah Southon, whose daughter Grace died in a car crash nearly two years ago. Deborah told us of her frustration at the length of time it has taken for an inquest to be held. We followed up with Helen Shaw of Inquest - an organisation that's been campaigning for reform of coroner system for years. And we spoke to Tom Luce, chairman of the Coroner's Review Group which five years ago published a raft of proposals to make the service better. He told us the government's attitude since would best be described as negligent. More on the blog here.

Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock shared his favourite websites.

Food Prices
Bloggers from around the world told us about the global effects of rising food prices. Chris Vallance has mash-ups...

We spoke to Nicholas White, who was trapped in a lift for 41 hours. CCTV footage of his ordeal became an viral hit online. You can see the video and hear the full interview here.

Artificial Intelligence
A.I. bots George and Joan (who you can chat to online at Jabberwacky) discussed their creator Rollo Carpenter.

Thanks for all the input into this weeks programme. If there's a story you think we should look at for next week's programme, or if you have ideas on the stories we currently have in production, let us know.

You can suggest a story on the blog or email: ipm { at } bbc.co.uk

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