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Rough notes - November 20

Rupert Allman | 09:55 UK time, Tuesday, 20 November 2007

This is where the programme starts. All suggestions for this week's programme very welcome. What follows is a mix of our ideas and those already pushed our way. Please treat this as your own space - it helps us shape what we do on air. A draft running order will follow. Comments can be posted below or email ipm [at] bbc.co.uk. Thanks

In the mix so far:

mark_55.jpgMarc: A couple of suggested stories from the blog to chase. First, an easy one. Dan Bennett ( comment 1 ) wants to hear from the President of Iran - in particular talking about his blog. Nice. Then C Brady ( comment 12 ) wants to know if it's possible to calculate the carbon footprint for the motor sport industry? We'll have a go.

Also, why are British politicians so bad at using the web? Conservative blogger DizzyThinks isn't convinced this is the best use of the Foreign Secretary's time. It's not just the Foreign Office, or Webcameron - the Lib Dems have got their own YouTube channel where you can - view their latest activities. Online hustings - but does any of it move you to engage or the at least react? If not, why not?

chris_55.jpg Chris: I briefly mentioned Last of Iraqi's blog on last week's show. I've now spoken to him, so watch this space. To a rather different casualty of war and something called Miss Landmine. Is this an appropriate subject for a beauty pageant? Sick or a serious attempt to raise awareness and challenge a stereotype?

george_55.jpg George: Word reaches us that Matt Drudge is in town. I'd like to hear from him - would you? Also, what's Egypt got against people who blog? And on the subject of people worried about their work online - talks resume this weekend aimed at trying to resolve the Hollywood writers strike. We've been speaking to the writers behind The Daily Show.

jenny_55.jpgJenny: Is it against the law to get drunk? As December nears it seems an apt question and one that's being taken up by the MP for Birmingham Yardley, John Hemming. We've picked this up from The Stirrer - anyway if you live in the area you've all be invited out by your local MP for a pub crawl.

And who do you trust with your private data? Let's assume HM Revenue & Customs is not top of your list, how about the NHS? Doctors are poised to boycott the government's scheme to put patient records into a national database. I'm guessing the child benefit record debacle is bound to add grist to the mill of those (see here and here) concerned about this new scheme. As either a patient or doctor are you happy that such important information is being held centrally? Let me know what you think.

So there you go for starters. If you've thoughts about these or other stories you'd like us to cover, email ipm or leave a comment.

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