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Random Ideas: MRSA, Powell and Barking Dogs

Chris Vallance | 15:43 UK time, Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Rough Notes for 6 Nov 07. Some of the ideas we're taking a look at this week below. We hope that you'll also suggest stories here too, or help us develop some of these ideas. Feel free to add your ideas in the comments, or if you'd rather email them contact us via ipm [at] bbc.co.uk

So the stories that caught our attention this week were:

mark_55.jpgMarc: I'm looking at a new way of dealing with the menace of barking dogs. Residents of Croydon can now report noisy pooches on a map-mash-up. And sticking with sound, we'll be venturing even further afield and listening to the music of the spheres - think of it as NASA's take on Holst.

chris_55.jpg Chris: I'm looking at this post by Dr Grumble which argues that Britain lags behind the rest of Europe in screening for and isolating cases of MRSA (warning: that link has a pretty grisly photo in it). A lot has been written about this issue, Dr Grumble's post contends there have been serious policy failures in the way we treat penicillin antibiotic hospital bugs. Is he right? If you've read an interesting blog post on this, or have expertise in this field we'd be interested in knowing what you think. And on a completely different tack, do you have a Monopoly strategy? This blogger thinks he has it all figured out

Rupert_55.jpg Rupert: I'm going to try and find out how many people are currently in the UK. There's more to that question than meets the eye. Various groups measure population in different ways, some have suggested that the official figure is low of the mark by several millions, though these estimates are often based on closely guarded proprietary information. We'll try and find out more. Naturally any insight into this very welcome, in the comments, or back-channel via email: ipm [at] bbc.co.uk

george_55.jpg George: Lots of bloggers discussing the legacy of Enoch Powell this week after another Tory bites the dust for invoking his ghost. Let's see where that conversation goes. We've also been asking people to share their favourite websites for the My Bookmarks segment. Among the first guests will be Steven Pinker and Helena Kennedy - who else should we ask?

jenny_55.jpgJenny: I'm looking at blogging about depression. There's a great deal of stigma associated with mental illness, so why do sufferers blog? Why make something so private, public?

If you've a thought about these or other stories you'd like us to cover, email ipm or leave a note in the comments. View our regularly updates list of del.icio.us links to see other websites that have caught our attention:

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