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Get Ahead, Get a Map - TFL Interview

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Rupert Allman | 12:19 UK time, Friday, 9 November 2007

Rupert: Last week, we asked what makes good design? Has Harry Beck's design classic from 1933 been lost in a tangle of new lines and detailed information? We can now bring you a response from Transport for London's Group Design Manager.

TfL will publish its new tube map this Sunday - November 11th. But thanks to Diamond Geezer and others, we've got wind of it early and it's attracting plenty of comment. It's a journey that's taken us from this:

Harry Beck's1933 Tube Map - click for larger version

To this:


See it better here.

But does this latest map do an injustice to Harry Beck's original? Here are a couple of alternatives that have been brough to our attention. First this from Max Roberts:

Max Robert's curvy map - click for larger version

Here's another Max made earlier:


And this from Alex Gollner:

A New Tube Map from Alex - click for clearer image

Any of the above appeal? There's much on going debate about all this on the Going Underground blog. Here, as promised, is TfL's Group Design Manager Innes Ferguson. Eddie first asked if any other designs had been considered?

If you click on the Channel Guide, you can also hear from Oliver Green from the London Transport Museum. The LT Museum re-opens on November 22nd.

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