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The iPM team

Chris Vallance | 15:13 UK time, Friday, 12 October 2007

eddie_pic.jpgEddie In his first job in radio, Eddie Mair once had to dress up as a giant panda. It's been downhill since then, really.

rupert.jpgRupert is currently making up his mind whether to spend money on an old Italian sports car or get another cat. Unlike other members of the team, he does own a television.

mark.jpgMarc is the number two on the iPM team, a position he has risen to without trace or indeed explanation. When not working at the BBC, Marc likes Bulgarian poetry, whittling wood, restoring sheds and making up random nonsense about himself.

chris.jpg Chris (aka Mr Blog): Chris’s first radio job was with WGN in Chicago. If you've ever watched Frasier, I was like Ros but without the exciting love life. We don't have a TV but we have more books than bricks in the flat. I own too many microphones..

george_again.jpgGeorge also lacks a TV, and it’s rumoured an iron, but has a rich internal life involving ukeleles, tinkering with things and talking about himself in the third person.

jenny.jpgJenny is the iPM web queen and travels far and wide online in search of stories. She grew up by the sea. She owns lots of red shoes. She has 1 TV and 4 radios, enough said.

peter.jpg Peter sits in meetings all day.

Pictures thanks to The Natural History of Selborne Blog!

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