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The BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra Playlists: 10th May 2019


BBC Introducing

BBC Radio 1: Barny Fletcher - Christ FLOW

Barny Fletcher is on Radio 1's legendary playlist! Make sure to tune into the network all week to hear his track 'Christ FLOW'.

Supported by: Sam & Rich from BBC Music Introducing in The West.

Style: Hip hop.

Essential: Barny Fletcher is a 21 year singer and rapper from Somerset, in The South West and he's been supported by Introducing in The West since 2018. There are no rules when it comes to Barny's style, and he says his influences range from Bob Dylan and Kendrick Lamar, to Drake and The Beatles. He has previously worked with DJ Shadow, Rat Boy and Cadenza and his debut mixtape is on the way. If you're heading to Middlesbrough for Radio 1's Big Weekend make sure you go see Barny on the Introducing stage!

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HMD is in the Introducing hot spot on 1Xtra's playlist! Tune in to Nick, Mim, Dotty, Twin and Yasmin all week to hear 'DEEN'.

Supported by: Nat & Michelle from BBC Music Introducing in Manchester.

Style: UK rap.

Essential: HMD (pronounced Hamdi) is a rapper, songwriter and producer who was born in Somali and raised in Manchester via Denmark. He takes inspiration from his Somalian roots with the title of this track ‘DEEN’ translating as the Arabic term for faith. HMD mixes gritty beats with a sung-rapped R&B melodies. He said: "I created 'DEEN' during a turbulent time in my life. It represents focus, energy and speaking your truth. Being on your 'DEEN' is a phrase used commonly between me and the family of people around me. The video attests to that, my Somalian heritage and how they manifest itself in my music."

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