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BBC Introducing Mixtape: 02 October 2017

Tom Robinson

BBC 6 Music presenter

Andrew Marston sits in for me to curate this week's BBC Introducing Mixtape, with a cross-section of the most exciting new talent currently coming out of BBC Introducing In Hereford & Worcester. In this episode you can hear:


How to Listen...
This is the episode broadcast on Monday 02 Oct 2017. You can listen again for 30 days (until Wed 2nd November) on our programme page via this link, using the BBC iPlayer Radio App on your mobile device, or as a rich playlist on the BBC Music app and web pages.

Best of all...
You can receive the show automatically every week as a podcast by subscribing via iTunes or the Podcasts app on your mobile device: just search "Tom Robinson Introducing". If you enjoy what we do on our podcast please consider giving it a five star rating on iTunes - or wherever you get your podcast from - it helps other new music fans find the show.

All music has been sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader and start times below are for the podcast version of the show...

XCURSION - Power Of Love [starts 00:06]

JASPER IN THE COMPANY OF OTHERS - As The Sun Rises [starts 04:32]

POPULATION:7 - I Say [starts 07:18]

RACHEL BY THE STREAM - Mossy’s Song [starts 13:19]

THE STIFF JOINTS - Mona Lisa [starts 16:23]

SAM CLINES - Black Spiders [starts 20:28]

SIMPLI FT ADAM TELL - Superseded (Live) [starts 24:20]

SAINT ALTO - Sometimes (Live) [starts 29:50]

STUMBLEINE - Mute City [starts 33:29]

KARYO - The Crusty Burglar [starts 38:20 ]

BEKAH - Rock Witchu [starts 42:01]

TEDDY MATTHEWS - Renna (Live) [starts 46:21]

TOKYO MARCHING BAND – Reason [starts 49:17]

OMYO - Mysterious Girl [starts 54:45]


PS from TR

ARTISTS! Some important words of warning... After being featured by BBC Introducing you may receive emails from PR companies with impressive client lists. These emails will say they like your music and want to help you get further radio airplay. Please be aware this does NOT make you unique or special - it simply means they want your money. Large numbers of artists we play receive these emails from companies seeking new customers for their paid services.

Hiring a professional radio promotion team - just because they happen to send you an email - isn't necessarily the best use of your money at this point in your career. In our experience emerging artists often achieve the same results as a plugger - sometimes very much better - by simply contacting radio shows and DJs themselves via social media. For suggestions on how to do your own music promotion see the free advice section at my Fresh On The Net blog (

If you do decide to pay a PR firm to do this work for you, there are over a hundred to choose from in the UK. Most of them have impressive-looking client lists - but just because somebody once did promotion on a record by a famous artist doesn't mean they did a great job. Before paying for promotional services of any kind, ALWAYS get an independent endorsement from a couple of their clients before parting with you hard-earned cash. You can find the management, record company or booking agent for most artists using Google.

It's true that further down the line - as your career gathers momentum - you may want to invest serious money in a professional PR campaign. The most effective pluggers charge a lot of money because they're good - these things can't be done on the cheap. But once again - be careful! All effective pluggers charge a lot of money, but not all pluggers who charge a lot of money are effective.

So if you do plan to invest several thousand quid on radio promotion at some point in the future, here's my advice. Do some research and find out which indie labels regularly get their artists played on your favourite radio stations. Then make friendly contact with whoever runs that record company to find out which PR company they would recommend.

Finally, whatever route you choose, don't forget to carry on uploading your new releases to BBC Introducing so that we can carry on supporting you as your future career unfolds.

Tom Robinson

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