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Rock solid advice from Twin Atlantic and Lower Than Atlantis

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Ally McCrae Ally McCrae | 15:03 UK time, Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Last week was Radio 1 Rocks, where British rock was given the mighty platform its current front-runners deserve, and I spoke to a couple of the bands taking part to see what advice they have for the future heroes of the scene.

Almost all acts that were part of the week on Radio 1 got there through the grind of building a local support, spreading that over the UK with gruelling toilet tours (not literally, of course), then a couple of lucky breaks supporting bigger acts to finally hit the mainstream - magazine covers, label support and sessions on Radio 1.

Twin Atlantic and Lower Than Atlantis are two bands that put in a shift to get to where they are now, to say the least...
Mike from Lower Than Atlantis

Mike from Lower Than Atlantis told me: "Don't give up! There'll be some times where you'll be like 'why are we putting ourselves through this?' But if you really want something and work hard enough, it'll happen. We're the proof!"
Wise words.

Sam from Twin Atlantic 
Sam from Twin Atlantic added: "Be yourself. You can only measure success against your own feelings and aspirations. There's no more room in the music industry for any more phonies. Make music for yourself... whatever that means to you."

Which as a Radio 1 DJ is advice I couldn't agree more with. Nobody wants another watered down version of a successful band - boring. The real excitement is in invention, ultimately you'll have way more pride in that. Anyway, by the time you got yourself together, the mainstream would have moved onto something else and you will be left with no identity! There are enough Mumford & Sons cover bands in the world.

You may think your music doesn't fit in, or is 'hard to define' - embrace that, and make that the next big deal.

Watch and listen to highlights of Radio 1 Rocks here and catch me on Radio 1 every Sunday with Jen Long.

And don't forget to upload your best tracks and beats.


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