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Tip of the Week: Saturday Night Gym Club - I Know

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Dan Lucas Dan Lucas | 16:09 UK time, Thursday, 2 June 2011

I was supposed to be in the pit taking photos of Saturday Night Gym Club when they performed at Radio 1's Big Weekend, but when they played this track Lituya Bay, I seemed to slip into a tribal trance-like state of awe, where for an entire 4 minutes I was transfixed by the sounds and the atmosphere of that moment, and forgot that I actually had a job to do (don't worry boys, I paid much more attention to the photography during the rest of the set).

Once I snapped out of it and landed back on the soft Carlisle earth, I felt that same sense of admiration around the whole tent. Four young lads describing themselves as a 'grouping of Anglo-irish dancefloor storytellers' had just created a feeling of warmth that's difficult to achieve at a cold rainy festival. The intimacy of the tent, the co-ordinated sounds, the soft orange lighting peering through the smoke filled stage, it all seem to work together effortlessly.

Arranged in a straight line like some kind of militant musical group, they came armed with a host of electronic instruments, synths, keyboards, mixers, laptops, drum machines, but the thing that really got the hairs standing up on the back of my neck was the violin. A beautifully soothing addition to the electronic lineup.

This track, I Know, is the latest addition to the Radio 1 playlist. It's a track that entices you in with an introduction that sounds like an electronic tide sweeping peacefully in and out from the coastline. As the vocals and bassline slowly build and merge together seamlessly, you feel like you're basking in the sunshine of a glorious electro beach.

Ok, maybe you don't feel like that if you're stuck at work on a rainy Monday morning after a heavy weekend. However you're feeling, have a little listen.

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