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Tip of the Week: Among Brothers - My Head is a Vessel

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Dan Lucas Dan Lucas | 10:22 UK time, Monday, 13 June 2011

I first came across Among Brothers when Barely Regal Records popped up as our Label of Love one week. You see, Barely Regal is a Cardiff-based record label run by Matt Fidler and Isaac Jones, who are two parts of Among Brothers, and they release their records on their own label. Pretty sweet setup if you ask me! No label pressure to sound more commercial or accessible. No label pressure to change your appearance or style, or play gigs and meet the people the label want you to.. they ARE the label!

A few months after discovering them, I was delighted to see them pop up on our Radio 1 Big Weekend lineup for Sunday. It is here, my friends, where Among Brothers were really able to shine. Appearing on stage with at least seven people, they came clutching drumsticks, guitars, violins, laptops, microphones, keyboards, glockenspiels and more, creating an air of anticipation around themselves as the songs slowly and meticulously came to life. Their performance of Great Famine Family, combined with some stunning pole-cam shots and the hazy smokey orange lighting, really does seem to satisfy all the senses.

See more videos and photos of Among Brothers performing at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2011.

Every note, every beat, every sound that oozed from every instrument was played with such delicacy, such precision, you couldn't help but get sucked into the musical world being created before your very eyes. 

I love that it's seven minutes long. I love how the direction and mood of the song changes as different instruments are invited in and out. I love the shorts the girl playing the violin is wearing. It's just the kind of song and performance that comes from a band that have the freedom to do what they believe in. They're doing it for themselves, for the love of performing and making meaningful, beautiful music, and not for somebody in a suit telling them what they should be. I guess that's why more and more bands are starting their own labels (we've got some advice on this topic here, and more in our The Right Deal for You section).

My Head Is A Vessel is the track that will grace the Radio 1 playlist this week, another track full of emotion, slow building moments, and breathtaking vocals and melodies. The introduction alone is worth pressing play for. Take a deep breath. Enjoy...

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