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Tom's Website of the Week: WUFOO.com

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Tom Robinson - 6 Music | 11:03 UK time, Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Every beginner who's ever wrestled with HTML or CSS in order to build their own website is bound to have endured days and nights of weeping frustration. Anyone foolhardy enough to try to add an online form to collect information from visitors will have needed to brave the perils of CGI, server-side includes and MySQL databases with - inevitably - much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Which is why you and I need Wufoo - a lean, clean and beautifully designed form-building tool you can use in a web browser with no expertise at all. Wufoo helps you create things like contact forms, web surveys and invitations without writing a single line of code.


It might help you make a mailing list box or an order form - for instance using PayPal - which can integrate seamlessly into the look and feel of your existing band blog or website. All very handy.

Any incoming entries are sent to you by email or RSS as aoon as they arrive, and there's no longterm contract.

I found the site to be fast, fun and easy to understand. You can even have three forms and 100 entries a month for free. So for these reasons, Wufoo.com is my new website of the week.



Tom Robinson presents BBC Introducing - Fresh on the Net on BBC 6 Music


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