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Tom's Website of the Week: A New Band A Day

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Tom Robinson - 6 Music | 10:29 UK time, Monday, 18 January 2010

I don't know about you, but it sometimes strikes me that the idea of 'The Next Big Thing' is overrated. Often, once a buzz gets started among a few key influential tastemakers, everyone else desperately pitches in to make sure they're seen as keeping up with the times. The result is that all too many music blogs, mags and (yes) radio shows end up banging on about the same handful of new "hot" artists.

We all then further inflate the hype - either by repeating it - or else by rebelling and telling everyone how rubbish the artist actually is. 9 times out of 10, it turns out the happening band of the moment is, actually, not bad at all. But at the same time, they may not be as mindblowingly, insanely sensational as the tastemakers would lead us to believe.

Disillusion quickly sets in, this year's 'in thing' becomes last year's in thing and perfectly good artists end up dropped and tossed aside through no fault of their own.


All of this is why I like anewbandaday.com, which cheerfully disregards the trends, tipsters and whatever the music mags say on their front covers, to offer an eclectic mix of artists its writers happen to like.

Some of those artists end up rising to wider prominence, most of them don't. But pretty much every act they feature is interesting for its own sake: whether or not you agree with a particular pick, another one will be along 24 hours later.

Best of all, you can recommend any music you like (including your own) directly to the editors. They listen to everything and everything they like ends up on the site. So that's why anewbandaday.com is my new Website of the Week.

Listen to Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music.

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