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No Pain in Pop

Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 15:02 UK time, Monday, 23 February 2009

Last week on the show I featured the editor of No Pain in Pop giving us the lowdown on what the website, blog, label and night actually was and stood for. Scratching the surfaces other collectives don't particularly want to, or maybe don't know how to scratch, No Pain in Pop kind of sums it all up in the name. There's no pain in pop. Delve deeper and you'll find some of the more interesting stuff (he says, quickly changing Girls Aloud from the computer) like Gentle Friendly and Banjo or Freakout. Banjo or Freakout! It's the best name ever! They play nights like Upset the Rhythm in London, and again are keen promoters of the true underground.


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    Reference the topic does " Benefit Encourage Sponging" a vehicle for debate in the "Big Question" programme shown sunday feb 22 2009. I was rather surprised Nicky Campbell virtually crediting a Beatrice Web, 100 years past, of founding the wellfare system of today, failing however to acknowledge the document, "Social Insurance and Allied Services" written by Sir William Beveridge in 1942 with three guiding principles of recommendations supporting the introduction of a method of assistance for people in need of support nationaly. The ready made recommendations of Sir William would appear to have been a conveniently thought out method to allow the Atlee Government (1945) to implement the welfare service of 1947, a system currently unrecognisable in comparison to the original principles.



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