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Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 21:33 UK time, Monday, 9 February 2009

Hope your weekend was good. I was in Belfast over the weekend, a city I had wanted to visit for a while. I was there for Unconvention Belfast which was inspired by the one in Salford last year. It's a chance for musicians and those involved in music to get together and find out about what others do, talk, swap experiences and learn. It was interesting, and there seems to be a lot of goodness happening in the music scene in Belfast and Northern Ireland on the whole currently. Bands like Fighting With Wire from the Smalltown America label and Two Door Cinema Club, newly signed to the Abeano label are making a name for themselves onstage and on record, while Oppenheimer, Skibunny and And So I Watch You From Afar make waves in their respective scenes.

It was great to see Rory McConnell from Radio 1 Introducing in Northern Ireland who was watching A Plastic Rose and Ed Zealous. Rory is a big supporter of Northern Irish music and you should listen to his show and send him your music!

I went to see our friend James Yuill play at the Menagerie, a lovely club that's owned by legendary dj David Holmes who was there. I dj'd for a bit and Twittered a lot too. I'm new on Twitter. Life may never be the same again!


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