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Eurosonic and James Yuill...

Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 14:26 UK time, Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Eurosonic is a festival that happens in Groningen, the Netherlands, and has been going for the last ten years. John Peel went a few times, and took with him bands like Hefner and Melys, and over the last three years we've taken Das Wanderlust and Pete and the Pirates. This year Radio 1 recorded a set by James Yuill.

Mr Yuill is a wonderful musician; he mixes electro with acoustic guitar, and so sometimes sings tales of love and sometimes creates pounding beats. It works best when he does both at the same time. At Eurosonic, where bands from across Europe go and play and where most of the festival bookers go and decide who they want to play their festivals over the summer, James Yuill went down really well.

You can hear his set on Radio 1 Wednesday night at 9pm, and more from midnight on Radio 1 in England.

Who else was good at Eurosonic? Here's a list -

Dag for Dag - the medieval ting tings!
The Ghost - Good innocent pop with guitar and a drum machine. Almost Keane in parts.
Soap and Skin - Intense.
Hjaltalin - a touch Arcade fire but more interesting, vocals are stunning, instrumentation is awesome. Joyous and gentle. Big colourful band to fall in love with. Soul, classical. Classoul.
Tone. Crunchy and liquid beats collide with the lyricists gorgeous vocals multi-layering to create something etheral and warm. Which is just as well cos Groningen is freezing.
Micachu rules!
First Aid Kit are amazing, really spceial songs.
Rolo Tomassi again are the best.
The Big Pink are loud.
Casio Kids are groovy and end things off nicely.


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