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Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 20:39 UK time, Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Yes, it's a brilliant name for a band. You'll be pleased to know that their music is even better. I've seen them play a few times now and they're never your normal gigs - in Cardiff over the weekend where my Swn festival was taking place (check the Newsbeat review here!) - and they're one the most energetic live bands around. Where other bands sometimes ask for a wall of death in their gigs, Danananaykroyd got everyone to do a wall of hugs.
They're in session this Wedensday night on Radio 1at 9pm and Midnight across Scotland and England, when the unofficial King of Scotland Vic Galloway hosts the show.

I'm in for Colin Murray for a few weeks. Next Monday I'm in the company of Fleet Foxes who've made one of the albums of the year. If not the album of the year. Last night I was in the company of Seasick Steve - see him playing in the Raido 1 studios here.

Huw Stephens


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