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Mike & Ollie @ BBC Essex go to Maida Vale

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Mike Bromfield | 12:55 UK time, Sunday, 11 November 2007

So, the first blog for Introducing in Essex; We are Mike & Ollie, the BBC's youngest radio presenters at 16 and our show has been running for only 10 weeks now. Our show is full of all the best Essex music, with Interviews, Live sessions, Gig listings, band info and "at the gig" interviews.

So It's been 10 weeks at BBC Essex and we have already covered so much music - near on 100 tracks have been played now. We've had Nick Silvey, Those Men, Vinny Vinny, Koopa and now Soprano on the show all for live sessions!

Heres the video of Ollie & I's trip to Maida Vale; Ollie & I always argue over things, seems we couldnt decide who would edit our video diary.... The first is my edit; the second is Ollie's.

We made an appearance a few weeks back on the BBC Introducing show, and Chris Moyles did us a small voice package as well!

So this week we JAM PACKED the show with music, interviews and information to keep you up to date with what's going on in the county of Essex.

Chelmsford band Soprano gatecrashed our party to tell us about their new single, "Dirty Tricks", which is released on Monday, 12, November. More info can be found at their myspace page. They will also be playing their 100th gig at the Carling Islington Academy on the 13th November.

In addition to all of this, we played a very special track from Koopa, the band who continue to make chart and unsigned history by being the first ever unsigned band to be in the UK Top 40 - Three times!! Earlier this week, Ollie and I made our way up to London to see Koopa record at Radio One's Maida Vale studios, as part of a special feature for the "In New Music We Trust" show with Huw Stephens. It was a gig that we sorted for them! You can see more in our video diaries!

All that’s left to say is; for all the info for our show check out or to listen again www.bbc.co.uk/essex/entertainment or www.myspace.com/bbcessexintroducing.

Oh and NEXT WEEK we will be interviewing The Hoosiers as they make their way down to Southend venue Chinnerys.


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