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Easter listening

Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 20:39 UK time, Friday, 6 April 2007

This weeks show is up to listen again - check out the brilliant opening track, lucy over Lancashire - it's a bit scary. Also in there some brill new electronica, and check the lovely Fence records tunes too. Am in Stoke Djing tonight at a Sons night at Kings Hall. Listened to Cassadaga, the amazing new Bright Eyes album on the train. And the Explorers Club - more Beach Boys than the Beach boys! Last night on Radio 1 Wales we had Threatmantics playing on the show, and then I went to see them, Mr Huw and She's Got Spies playing and did a bit of djing, avoiding the Stone Roses requests till 2am, playing Candie Payne, a few blkan treats and a bit of j5 among the other tunes. And then was on the train with Huw drummer from Threatmantics today to Birmingham, even though im afraid I slept most of the way. Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Ps - This City sesison this week was awesome - there's a few of the tunes on this wees free podcast too.
nice one


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