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Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 17:41 UK time, Saturday, 31 March 2007

This weeks sow was a Glasto special of sorts, with a few of the bands who were part of the huge Emerging Talent competition. Thousand os bands entered to play the John Peel, Dance, acoustic and jazzworld stages. Liz Green was the overall winner, an acoustic singer who has this amazing voice,like something from a 1940's black and white film (I think. I'm not a 1940's black and white film expert by any means). So I was in Piltons Working Mens Club for a few days and am now well looking forward to Glastonbury and all the madness and fun it brings to the world.

Check out the free download podcast on this site for more Glasto unsigned competition music.
Went to see I Was a Cub Scout last week, and they were well good. Synth-tastic at times but without the grating, generic sound other bands seem to make. And they make a helluva racket for two blokes, Pink Squares sounded ACE. Good inbetween song banter too. very important:)


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