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Shifty Discoing...

Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 23:32 UK time, Tuesday, 23 January 2007

This weeks show is a Shifty Disco special, bigging up one of the finest and truly independent labels int he world. They continue to release ace new music, so we've got The Race and Paperlung live from Maida Vale on the show, and a host of ace new demos from the demo postbags that arrive by their hundreds at Radio 1. And thats not even counting the mp3's and myspace tracks I get sent. And thats not even counting the cds and mp3s Lousie the producer gets sent ! But, I digress. Shifty Disco inspired me and my mate Baz to start our own label back in the day - Boobytrap Singles Club. That morphed into Boobytrap records, and has now sadly come to an end. Bt the music lives on!
So hope you can tune in for the Shifty Disco special.

Demo of the day - Monkey Swallows the Universe new tracks. Niiiiiiiiiiice...


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