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Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 19:12 UK time, Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Hope you're all well! Had a lovely weekend at my friend Baz's wedding to his now lovely bride Debs! I was best man, and all went smoothly thank goodness. i've never been so nervous in my life. It was a sort of constant, crazy nervousness, but all went well. Lovely day it was in Whitney on Wye, named after Whitney Houston of course. It was a musical wedding too - Baz got up to sing with the wedding band the Keys (who used to be Murry the Hump, and released records on Shifty Disco and Too Pure), and they played some of their own ace tunes., Then Akira the Don djd a wicked wedding set with added hip hop gun blasts, and the the brvaecaptain did a scratchy seven inch set while we did star jumps. Brilliant!

Thought id give you the heads up on an event at this years In the City in Manchester I'm doing - it's an open mic stage for any one who can play with limited resources! It was good fun last year (the highlight was Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, oh, and a digiridoo player!), and you're welcome to come along again this year. Here's the link- maybe see you there...


  1. At 06:25 PM on 17 Oct 2007, Alice Dodge wrote:



    If so, we want to hear from you!

    We are currently developing a brand new, primetime TV series and want to hear from the UK’s biggest WHITNEY fans. For your chance to be involved, please send:

    · a brief outline as to what qualifies you as a ‘superfan’
    · a photograph
    · your contact details

    To: alice.dodge@endemoluk.com

    Or to find out more, call Alice on 0208 2224030

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