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Up and running! (not literally of course)...

Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 22:49 UK time, Thursday, 28 September 2006

Well well, we're up and on air - every Wednesday night 12pm till 2am - and the first show was a lot of fun. Quite mad really to think that 99.9% of the music on the show is not released - it's all new demos and mp3's that the bands we featured play live and most of it is available from their websites.

With time (next week with a bit of luck), the Tracklisting on my homepage will have links to all the artists featured. For now, here's where to find out more about the music on the first show. Do get in touch with them, I'm sure they'd love feedback and signs of love and appreciation!

Los Campesinos - 'You, Me, Dancing'
Shotty - 'Ipnotize'
Jeremy Smoking Jacket - 'Brought Home Cold' (Enormous Corpse Recordings)
The Pocket Gods - 'Jombal Party'

Out This Week
David E Sugar - 'Coin Op Rocker' EP
The Telescopes - 'Hungry Audio Tapes' (Hungry Audio)
This Town Needs Guns - 'Denial Adams' (Big Scary Monsters)
The Early Years - 'All Ones And Zeros' (Beggar Banquet)
Hot Club De Paris - 'Everything Everything' (Moshi Moshi)The Boyfriends - 'The Boyfriends' (Boobytrap)

Evils - 'Have A Good Time'
Mr Ronz - 'Eskimo' (Skipping Beats)

Maida Vale Session
The Bobby McGees - 'Ooh Bi Doo...I Wanna Be Like Audrey Tatoo'
The Bobby McGees - 'A Little Bit Of Love'

Look Look! Dancing Boys - 'Reliving Our Childhood'
Ruff Sqwad - 'Xtra'
Codex Machine - 'Asteroid B612'

Tipster Jen Long
The Poppies - 'You're My Girl'

Sunset Cinema Club - 'Gojira (Godzilla) Suit'
Monotaxi - 'I Really Want To'

DIY Label
Catnap - 'Onward Christian' (Snakes & Ladders)
The Roaring Twenties - 'The Odd Couple' (Snakes & Ladders)

35 Seconds - 'Walk The Plank'
Nova Robotics - 'Delicate'
Remember Remember - 'Hollow Men'

Maida Vale Session
The Bobby McGees - 'Forever And A Day'

Digital Filth - 'A Dark Place'
Mr Fogg - 'Top Of The Pile' (Exercise1 Records)
Chow Chow - 'Skeleton With Hair' (Exercise1 Records)
Scouting For Girls - 'I Need A Holiday' (There Is An Alternative Records)
L Face - 'Nasty'
True Adventures - 'I Dare You'


  1. At 03:55 PM on 30 Sep 2006, TvVr wrote:

    OneMusic is dead, long live Huw Stephens! Great show again, hope this one will last longer than 18 months. By the way, great that you have Persil and the briljant Zea, from my home country, in session on your show!

  2. At 09:26 AM on 05 Nov 2006, Gascoyne wrote:

    Don'y know if this is the right place to ask, but where's The Blue Room? Haven't had time to listen in recent weeks, but TBR is/was my principal source for interesting new music. Please don't tell me it's finished...

  3. At 03:41 PM on 08 Nov 2006, incrediblemp3 dotcom wrote:

    love it.

    unsigned bands and singers


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