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New show starts tomorrow!

Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 10:09 UK time, Tuesday, 26 September 2006

So the new schedule has kicked off, and my new show is on tomorrow night. lookin forward to hearing the sesison the Bobby McGee's have recorded for the show - they're a very special band, so be prepared to fall in love!

Right now I'm off to North Wales, quite literally a day trip to bangor, to do some interviews for a Welsh music show I present on S4C. I'm interviewing three producers - David Wrench, Gorwel Owen and Les Morrison - should be very interesting indeed!

Had a weekend at home shifting through hundreds of demos - so much good music in there, a lot of which will make the new show on a Wednesday night now - the demos closest to the computer right now are; 35 Seconds , and Idiot Savant

Right, have a good Tuesday



  1. At 05:04 PM on 28 Sep 2006, RichardF wrote:

    Superb show last night Huw. Great to hear someone with such passion and integrity covering artists who really need (and deserve) exposure.

    Really liked your OneMusic show but by the sounds of it so far this new one is likely to be even more essential (albeit on listen again, little baby prevents late nights pogo-ing around to your wonderfully trashy DIY fare).

    Keep it up anyway. Keep it Peel! You have a dream job let's face it - you lucky sod.


    RichardF, Peel fan, then One Music fan, now Huw Stephens (& Rob DB) fan.

  2. At 06:57 PM on 03 Oct 2006, huw s wrote:

    a dream job yes Richard - im not gonna argue with that!
    glad you enjoyed the first show and hope you can stick around for the rest of them!

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