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dried glue.....

Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 17:31 UK time, Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Last nights show was chock a block with good tunes - two 1 miunte ones from Emmy the Great and MC Lars, the brand new Das Wanderlust single - Orange Shop, which is great, Get Cape's new single, Dr Octagon, some dubby grime, a new Bobby McGee's song, Hot Puppies, that incredible Peter, Bjorn and john single which is the Single of the Year so far, and Loney, Dear in session. They're Swedish and have a lovely album out called Sologne. They'll be releasing more records over here soon on Something in Construction records, and have been signed to Sub Pop in the US of A. Good stuff indeed.
It was a fun show, Louise and Natasha were on fine form, although I do regret drinking that half a cup of red wine. Today back to Cardiff listening to a Stereolab compilation that I'll be playing on the show soon. They are incredible, one of the finest. I was scissoring and gluing my fanzine together ont he train. It has no name yet, but ive put it together int ime for the Eisteddfod next week in Swansea. I hadn't had dried glue on my hands for a long time. Weird...


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