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Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 21:52 UK time, Monday, 12 June 2006

Hello one and all!

The weekend I'd put aside to listening to the cds I hadn't yet gotten around to listen to went well, in that I listened to prett much everything I needed to listen to! There was a lot of ace new music in there, which will be played on future OneMusic shows.
The fact that is was a lush weekend in Cardiff didn't put me off either, and it helped that the shop over the road had a fine selection of ice creams to keep me going. I did some gardening (ie - looked at the two plants I own for a bit), enjoyed a few mighty fine barbeques, watched some Family Guy (how come it's only now I'm latching on to this?), sorted my vinyl out and moved my desk around a bit.

Looking froward to the Sonar festival in Barcelona this weekend loads - the line-up looks amazing. More on the electronic music fest later in the week!

Just had a chat with my neighbours too. Turns out one of them is in a band. Gonna check them out now!


  1. At 06:43 AM on 16 Jun 2006, Rudy Carrera wrote:

    Erm, this may come out sounding a bit daft, but it might be a good idea to place links on some of the topics you list instead of forcing us to Google all of these wonderful bits of news you've placed here.

    Just a thought...

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