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The last minute stuff!

Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 12:08 UK time, Monday, 5 June 2006

Last minute stuff is the best kind of stuff. Had I not spotted the poster on the wall in Brussels on Friday, I wouldn't have known about The Flaming Lips gig in Ghent on Sunday. So me and Sara the missus got on a train and booked into a medieval b&b...

The gig was amazing. Totally, unapologetically amazing. I'd seen them a while back in Cardiff, and once in Bristol, but this was unbelievable. Huge bouncing balloons came crashing down on our heads and I've still got bits of glitter and multi coloured tissue in my pockets and hair. The visuals, the costumes, the speeches in between songs. I've loved the Lips since I first heard She Don't Use Jelly, and still they come with the hits - Yeah Yeah Yeah Song, Do You Realize, Yoshimi, Race For The Prize, everything from the new album At War With the Mystics! Their music has depth and is innovative, with melodies throughout - even their instrumental wig outs are deep!

These are the tunes. The stage theatrics make their gigs unlike any other band in the world, and the sense of fun, optimism and general madness is just brilliant. When Wayne Coyne invited people onstage to propose to each other, and two got up to do it to a posistive result, I was quite tempted to do it myself. Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics wouldn't do this.

And even though the gig filled everyone in the room with hapiness, love and kindness, Sara told me she'd have killed me if I had done.


  1. At 06:35 PM on 05 Jun 2006, Rosa wrote:

    Hy! I'm Rosa, from Madrid ( Spain, of course....) ( you'll notice my english is horrible... sorry!).
    a few lines to tell you that I listen your programme anytime I can, and that I like it quite a lot!!!
    I suposse you don't know about spanish radio... I hope so... it's too boring!!! most of the shows only play "commercial music" ( I don't know if it is the correct term), think about "Aserejé song" played all the day..... so for me, your show it's like holy water ( jajajajajajaja ( this is how we laugh in spain....)). Thanks a lot!!!!

    Besines. Rosa

    PS: but on the other hand, this summer we are going to have a lot of wonderful festivals!!!!
    II PS: sorry for my horrible writing..... ( I must study a lot!!!)

  2. At 07:41 AM on 08 Jun 2006, Natasja wrote:

    The bald, middle-aged, overweight man who got on stage to propose, is mine-to-be. And although I cannot remember anything from the moment itself, besides shaking on my legs, I am very happy to have said "yes" !
    (Sara, if my Phil would have told me about proposing on stage, I would never have done it - he took me by surprise!)

  3. At 12:18 PM on 14 Jun 2006, huw s wrote:

    waw - thats amazing! very happy for you both - you did well up on that stage:)
    what a gig eh?

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