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Sonar Day 2

Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 04:20 UK time, Saturday, 17 June 2006

When you register for Sonar, you do so knowing that not only you get ace music for three days and nights, but also a very nice bag made specifically for the festival goers by a well known bag maker. Some wear bags from yesteryear and get instant cool points, of course.

Apparently DJ Stainboy from Spain sounds good, but I start the day with White Diet from the UK, who actually turn out to be Scissor Sisters from the US. In the mid afternoon scorching sun, SS go down a treat, letting us know they formed originally after Sonar five years ago, and playing new tunes as well as the hits. Also on the open air SonarVillage stage, Bus with MC Soom-T from Denmark play one of the best sets of the weekend. Senor Coconut and his Orchestra entertain and .Tape played a really good weird, looped electro set indoors....

There's time for some record shopping where the man working is continuing his night out, and I picked up some Chinese Dub and Bass, a few Grime records and some pure electro. Sorted!

I went to Sonar By Night too, at a different location to the day events, a huge multi enormo-roomed building with a great line-up. For the time we were there I caught the legendary Chic playing hits Le Freak and a million songs with Dance in the title, a storming set by DJ Krush, every little detail picked up on the screens, and the magic Laurent Garnier. Halfway through his set I realised we weren't actually in a huge room, but actually outside in the open air. Amazing...

Another attraction - the dodgems. There's nothing quite like crashing into someone else's dogem at 1am on a Friday night while Chic finish their set. Smash!


  1. At 06:37 AM on 25 Jun 2006, kirsty wrote:

    sonar was fab once again, scissor sisters rocked!

    cocunuts cool, riders on the storm

    tiga ace!

    gutted to be home


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