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May is Here...

Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 18:20 UK time, Monday, 1 May 2006

with a bang! it feels like summer already, but musn't get too excited in case the rain comes back of course.
had a busy weekend at eh Cardiff Student Media Awards at a posh do, with me and Bethan Elfyn giving out the awards. Well done to everyone who won!
After that it was off to see a noisy crowd enjoy Jakokoyak's set, with his solo laptop set different to when he has a full band onstage with him. He played the 1st OneMusic birthday party with Mogwai in February - good stuff!
Saturday I watched Louise the producers DVD of Curb Your Enthusiasm - wicked stuff:)
I really enjoyed a set by Genod Droog that night - fulll of energy, full of people, full of fun and hip hop. Had a wicked time DJing afterwards too. it's a good feeling to get people dancing! especially when i can't dance for chips myself of course.
It was my mate James' secret birthday last night - he was 21 again, and had a big cake and a bop to celebrate!
In for Zane tonight with 3 new tunes in Fresh meat, and got loads of new music to play you - gonna cram them all in while I can.

Happy bank holiday y'all



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