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  1. College of Technology round up: lean UX, codecs, file delivery

    Frederick Botham


    A source of near-constant frustration for internet users seems to be non-functioning or otherwise absent codecs. Media found online can often prompt a dreaded error message when put through our playback devices.

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  2. BBC iPlayer App on Android: Update

    David Berlin

    Senior Product Manager

    Today we have an Android development team that is almost 3 times the size of the iOS team

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  3. BBC Sport: A weekend of digital coverage

    Ben Gallop

    Head of Sport Interactive

    It's hard to believe it's nearly a year since London 2012. After that incredible summer of sport, and what was generally regarded as the first true ‘digital Olympics’, we've been busy working on how we can roll out elements of that offer to the BBC's coverage of other sports.

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  4. Building the Knowledge & Learning Beta

    Robert Lee

    Technical Architect

    I'm part of the team building the new Knowledge & Learning product. In this post I'm going to describe the technical work we've undertaken so far, some of which you can see in the new beta release that my colleague Chris Sizemore recently blogged about.

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  5. iBroadcast: An easy way to publish AV content for the BBC

    Matthew Browning

    Executive Product Manager

    I'm Matthew Browning and among other things I'm executive product manager for BBC Future Media's Media Tools group. Among the millions of daily visitors to how many stop to consider where the programmes, news and live coverage they are enjoying actually come from? This is where my tea...

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  6. Reporting Hurricane Sandy: Technology from The Edge Group

    Tim Harness

    Product Lead

    Hi, I’m Tim Harness the project lead working on the BBC Edge Group. The Edge is a forum within the BBC for programme makers, journalists, engineers and technologists who want to find new, different, innovative and/or low-cost ways of getting audio and video...

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  7. Android: An update

    Dave Price

    Head of BBC iPlayer

    The BBC launched the BBC Media Player for Android nearly three months ago. Since then it has been downloaded to more than one million Android phones and tablets. In this short period of time we've witnessed a dramatic change in the Android platform and in BBC usage on the platform. When we l...

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  8. New BBC Media Player for Android phones and tablets

    Chris Yanda

    Executive Product Manager

    Today the BBC's mobile technical teams have begun rolling out a new way of securely playing video and audio content on Android phones and tablets. It's called BBC Media Player and we are starting to use it with the mobile view of the BBC's iPlayer website. Next week we plan to release a new vers...

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  9. Audio and Video Streaming the Olympics

    Marina Kalkanis

    Core Services Head

    I'm Marina Kalkanis and I head up the Core Services teams in BBC Future Media that are responsible for the BBC live and on demand programming on the internet. My colleague Cait O'Riordan has already outlined how the Olympic content - metadata and AV streams - gets to your device, and David Roger...

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  10. More traffic, more videos, more screens: building the BBC's Olympic site

    Matthew Clark

    Head of Architecture

    Hi, I'm Matthew Clark, the Senior Technical Architect for BBC Online's Olympic website and apps. Alongside colleagues Mike Brown and David Holroyd, it's been my responsibility to create the technical strategy that has allowed us to produce successful online Olympic products. We've focused on...

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