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  1. Putting audiences at the heart of VR

    Tim Fiennes

    Senior Market Analyst, Audiences

    Putting audiences at the heart of VR

    We undertook a research programme into VR encompassing market sizing, a mix of existing ‘media needs’ research and a longitudinal ethnographic study. As part of that we recruited teens and adults from across the UK who were interested in VR but had little experience with it.

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  2. Teens and Tech: School Report visit to Blue Room

    Lindsey Suter

    Consumer Technologist

    Teens and Tech: School Report visit to Blue Room

    Blue Room is our consumer technology lab where we look at year-on-year trends to determine the impact of new consumer technology on the BBC and wider broadcasting industry. We were delighted to host a session on tech for a bunch of bright young teens from a school in Hackney.

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  3. Contact The BBC: New look page

    Jonathan Murphy

    Technology & Creativity Blog editor

    Today we’re launching a new portal page for anyone who wants to Contact the BBC which will be linked to from the footer of each BBC web page. I’ve been working with my colleagues in Audience Services who handle the many contacts the BBC receives each year. They have found that although people a...

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  4. Social Media at the BBC: Bridging the gap between audience and production

    Rowan Kerek Robertson

    Editorial Lead

    I’m Rowan Kerek Robertson, editorial lead for Social Media, BBC Vision.  My job, along with a small team, is about helping to ensure that the BBC’s TV programmes and channels uses social media in ways which are as useful, entertaining and engaging as possible be it on BBC Online  like  the TV ...

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