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Announcing the UX&D roster

Colin Burns

Chief Design Officer, BBC Design & Engineering

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Back in September last year, I posted about the chance to be part of our new BBC Digitial Design Services roster.

Today, I am really pleased to be announcing the new UX&D Digital Design Services roster. After a rigorous and creative selection process, we have selected seven agencies that we are committed to working with for at least the next 2 years.

We had an overwhelming response from the design industry, with over 200 agencies applying for a place on the roster. We are delighted with our final seven, but are also keen to acknowledge that a great many of the other unsuccessful agencies we assessed have a terrific range of skills and capabilities.

The agencies and their initial assignments are as follows:

Moving Brands - BBC iPlayer.

Zone – BBC News and Reading Experience, Television Platforms and A/V Experience.

Magnetic North – BBC Sport and Live Experience

Tui  – pan-BBC Connected Experiences including the Global Experience Language (GEL)

Clearleft - MyBBC; a project that aims to create personalised services for users and re-positioning the BBC in the lives of our audiences.

Somewhat – BBC iPlayer Radio

Complete Control – CBBC, CBeebies, and BBC Knowledge & Learning.

We have made the decision to appoint a smaller roster than we have in the past. This was because we wanted to make sure that if an agency was selected, they would have a reasonable expectation of getting work from the BBC, as well as a greater opportunity to build long-term working relationships with our BBC Future Media teams.

We wanted to balance the requirement to meet stringent European and BBC procurement guidelines with a more creative approach, to allow the agencies' talents to shine, and so that they could get the best possible opportunity to understand our needs and objectives. Also, having spent my entire career working in agencies, I was personally motivated to make this procurement as “agency friendly” as we possibly could, so we designed this process to be a better user experience for the agencies. We asked for submissions that were as much visual as text based, and we visited each shortlisted agency in their studio to help us understand the culture of the teams.

We are looking forward to starting work with our new external colleagues over the next few months.

Colin Burns is Executive Creative Director, BBC Future Media

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