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Desktop BBC iPlayer: Flash Player upgrade

Dave Price

Head of BBC iPlayer

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I'm Dave Price and the head of BBC iPlayer.

I wanted to update you on a minor upgrade my team are making to the media player on BBC iPlayer and what this change will mean for some of you.

We're upgrading our media player for two principle reasons. Firstly, so that the BBC can continue to offer the highest quality media playback and new experiences like those used by millions of people during the Olympics on the BBC Sport site.

Secondly, Flash Player 10.1 was released in June 2010, and since then there have been five further major releases (which most people have upgraded to). By focusing the Engineering and Test teams on the most commonly used versions of Flash Player we can maintain confidence in the high quality of BBC iPlayer for the widest audience.

So, from 22 August 2012, you'll need Adobe Flash Player 10.2 or above to continue using BBC iPlayer on your desktop.

We've tried to ensure this change affects the fewest people possible, but appreciate making any changes can be a bit of a pain. As 98.5% of people who use the desktop version of BBC iPlayer already have a version of Flash Player in excess of 10.2, we're confident only a small proportion of you are affected.

For those using Flash Player 10.1 and below, the upgrade is really simple. You can upgrade at the Adobe website in advance (or see the BBC Webwise Guide), or wait for update prompts on BBC iPlayer next Wednesday.

As always happy to receive your feedback.

Dave Price is the Head of BBC iPlayer, Programmes and On Demand, BBC Future Media

Update 20/08/12 14:58: Adobe link changed at user Squirrel's suggestion

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