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Audio Factory: BBC Radio 3 HD Sound on Shoutcast

Jim Simmons

Senior Product Manager

Over the past week or so there has been a lot of feedback and comment over changes to the BBC's internet radio streams.

We do need to modernise our infrastructure and we have chosen HTTP chunked delivery formats so that we can continue to innovate and provide new features for our users that the older formats do not support.

It is clear from your feedback that our fallback choice for SHOUTcast has fallen short in a number of areas. We genuinely do want to make our streams available to as many people as possible within the budget allowed.

We have been working over the past week on some of the technical solutions required to improve the situation and I am happy to say that we have now re-enabled Radio 3 HD Sound on Shoutcast.

We are still talking to manufacturers and many are confident that they will be able to provide their users with access to all 57 of our HLS AAC streams at 320kb/s within a few weeks or months. We will review the status of this 320 Shoutcast stream again in a few months time and we will update you on progress via the Internet blog.

We are aware that some aggregators do not provide all of the BBC streams to all of their clients. To ensure that users in this situation can still access this HD stream, I am providing the link to it here:

(In order to access this stream you need to cut and paste the link above and add it to your player or the stream list in your internet radio)

The choices we made around Audio Factory's SHOUTcast service were based on very practical limitations. We are continuing to work through the issues raised by your comments, and we will keep working to improve the situation for our listeners.

One situation we cannot change is the one around the ending of Windows Media on-demands which will happen next week. This is due to the rights restrictions on our content. For more information, please refer to my post from September last year.

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