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News Hack: Storyline Video

Matt Shearer

Innovation Manager

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Hi - I’m Matt Shearer, innovation manager for BBC News Labs.

BBC News Labs work as part of BBC Connected Studio, to drive and support open innovation in the BBC, and to develop industry collaboration & partnerships.

This week, BBC News Labs & BBC Connected Studio are hosting an event called “#newsHACK” where News, Academic, Innovation and Research & Development organisations will participate in a 2 day “Hack” event. Teams from each organisation spend 2 days producing prototypes that address key News industry challenges, sharing new tech approaches and trying out new ideas during the event.

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Participants include: The Times, SKY, The Guardian, BBC, Evening Standard, Independent, FT, Mozilla, UCL, Sheffield Uni, Dundee Uni, Lancaster Uni, Nesta, The Mirror, Newcastle University  and more.

The goal is to drive collaboration across the digital News Industry in open data and new technologies, in order to raise the bar for News audience experiences across the UK and globally.

One particularly interesting element BBC News and News Labs are looking at is the development of a new open data standard called “Storyline”.

Storyline is an open (free to use) data model developed by some News industry data practitioners to allow the description of News Stories (including articles, images, video, shorttext etc) using linked data.

Storyline aims to enable News publishers to curate and surface the important elements of News Stories, and drive aggregations and connections to enable relevant, exciting and serendipitous user journeys around News stories and related online content. Using linked data to do this enables us to make more use of open web standards, and to give the best News experiences in an increasingly fragmented and multi-device publishing environment.

Jeremy Tarling, Senior Data Architect for BBC News explains more about Storyline in this video (apologies for poor sound quality):

Jeremy Tarling talks about Storyline and Juicer

Follow the BBC News Labs twitter account where we'll be tweeting on Thursday's and Friday's News from the event. There are also more videos on the News Labs You Tube channel and our Google+ page.

Matt Shearer is Innovation Manager, BBC News Labs

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