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Introducing trailers on BBC iPlayer: Find more of what you like on the BBC

Graham Matthews

Senior Product Manager

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As BBC iPlayer prepares for the Christmas season, Senior Product Manager Graham Matthews tells more on a brand new feature designed to help you discover the best shows available from across the BBC.

Since BBC iPlayer launched on Christmas Day 2007, we’ve been continually innovating to bring you new features, functionality and programmes to make iPlayer the best on-demand service of its kind in the world.

As you might have seen, we unveiled a number of new features this summer to make iPlayer even better and tailored to you, through the launch of My Programmes and recommendations based on what you’ve watched and what’s of interest to you. And last month BBC Store was launched – a new service fully integrated with iPlayer to allow you to buy and keep BBC TV shows to watch whenever you like and play them back either on BBC Store or on BBC iPlayer.

How to find more of what you like on BBC iPlayer

With so many programmes available at one time, one of the challenges is how to make sure you get to hear and find out about BBC programmes you might not otherwise have found – whether it’s that surprising hit comedy, tense drama or action-packed film.

That’s why over the last 12 months, we’ve made trailers available on iPlayer for some of the highlights coming up on the BBC’s TV channels and - of course - on iPlayer itself. From the new series of Sherlock to our Pure Drama trailer staring the incredible Suranne Jones, these have been really popular with the top trailer attracting nearly a million requests.

Programme trailers have already proved popular on BBC iPlayer

What’s happening from today?

Given the demand for these trailers on iPlayer, today we’re starting to roll out a new feature that will mean you may see a single short trailer play automatically when you select a programme to watch on iPlayer. It may be obvious to say, but these will be for BBC programmes only. You’ll be able to watch all the trailed shows on iPlayer once they’ve been on TV, and many will already be there on iPlayer – only a click away.

We hope that you’ll enjoy seeing a taster of some of the BBC’s programme highlights, but we’ve also been very keen to ensure that you have control over what trailers you choose to watch. If you’ve seen something before, or you decide it’s just not for you, then there’s a ‘Skip’ option that will take you straight to the programme you’ve selected.

Viewers have the option to skip the trailer and go straight to the start of the programme

Initially we’re introducing this feature on the iPlayer website to those of you who use the Flash version of the BBC’s Standard Media Player. And from next year we’ll start to roll this feature out to more players – including the HTML player on the website and the TV apps player on connected TVs. We’re also planning on adding a ‘bookmark’ option in the future, so if you like a trailer but the programmes isn’t available to watch yet, you’ll be able to add it to your ‘My Programmes’ list to watch as soon as it’s on iPlayer.

Get in touch

The feature will be available for a select number of iPlayer programmes from today and then roll out to more programmes over time. As always, we love hearing from you, so please leave any comments or feedback below.

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