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Digital Creativity team trains photo-journalists for School Report

Martin Wilson

Head of Digital Creativity, BBC Design & Engineering

BBC D+E’s Digital Creativity team helped transform youngsters from four schools into photojournalists for the day last week.

It was all part of the BBC’s School Report News Day that involves 30,000 school children and 900 schools around the country. Around 130 students and 30 teaching staff from schools across the north came into Media City for workshops to enhance their digital and journalistic skills.

The D+E team collaborated with the BBC Academy to run a series of workshops that ended with the youngsters taking their own photographs around the Salford base and then publishing them on to the BBC’s creativity platform Mixital.


The theme of the day was accuracy and authenticity in news reporting – two values that are crucial to the BBC. The purpose of the workshop was how to apply the same values to tell stories accurately and fairly with photos.

Academy photographer Danielle Baguley explained some of the principles of photography by taking the groups through her portfolio that included photos from sporting events to The youngsters were introduced to the principles of photojournalism and how to tell a story with pictures.

At the end of the workshops the youngsters were set the challenge of gathering their own photos around Media City to tell a story of urban regeneration. Back in the newsroom, the youngsters edited their photos, selected the best and wrote captions. They then published them on Mixital and you can see them here

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