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BBC Weather: Listening to your feedback

Michael Burnett

Executive Product Manager

Michael Burnett is the executive product manager for BBC Weather’s digital products. In this blog, he explains updates we’re making to the new weather website based on your feedback.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about our rollout of the new Weather website, and new versions of the app on iOS and Android. I explained some of the new features as well as the architecture to facilitate the switch to our new weather data suppliers, MeteoGroup.

Thank you for taking the time to read about, and try out, the new site and give us your feedback. The passion for our online Weather services is obvious from the volume and detailed nature of the comments you’ve made. There was a huge variety of comments on the blog and on social media; on twitter there has been a large amount of positive comments about the new graphics in the App, but on the blog, there were a number of clear concerns that people were raising about the new website.

We’ve reviewed your concerns, and we’re taking action to address them:

Video forecasts and regional text summaries

With the broadcast launch now complete, I’m glad to say that the video forecasts and regional text summaries are back on the site.

Video forecasts and regional summaries are back on the site

Pressure maps

Many comments mentioned that they couldn’t find or access the pressure map. Desktop users (and users on some mobile operating systems) can get to the pressure map by opening the full screen map on any location page and toggling the pressure layer on/off from the dropdown key. Following your feedback, we are now adding a new ‘pressure’ tab to the in-page map that will make finding pressure maps easier.
This feature will be live in the coming weeks.

We will make pressure maps more accessible in the coming week

UK map

Some of you have mentioned you’re missing a direct link to the full screen map on the homepage and just want a UK overview without having to pick a location and accessing the map from there.
We’re therefore planning to add a link to the interactive UK map from the homepage in the coming weeks.

Favourites and sign-in

There have been lots of comments about favourite locations being harder to find. The new site allows you to save and manage more locations, and we have created this how to guide  to show you how to do this.

Based on your feedback we will be working on ways to better surface the weather near you when you first land on the website; we’ll test out different approaches in the weeks to come.

Some users have complained about having to sign in. You don’t need to sign-in to use the site or find the weather where you are. Type in a location/postcode in the top search bar and you should be able to navigate to right local forecast. When you open the search bar, you should see all your recent searches at the bottom of the search box if your cookies are enabled.

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