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BBC Announces new Digital Framework suppliers

Richard Smith

Head Market Engagement

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In my blog post earlier this year I talked about the opening of the BBC Digital Services Framework (DSF) and I am pleased to announce that we have now awarded framework agreements to 290 digital suppliers across our three new rosters – Digital Services, Digital Design and Digital Testing.

These three new rosters will give BBC buyers access to a wide range of services and solutions, including:

• Digital Design;

• Application Development;

• Mobile Application Development;

• TV Development (interactive and IPTV);

• Database Development;

• General Development Practices;

• Digital Testing.

The independent digital media sector plays an essential role in helping the BBC deliver better value for money for the licence fee, as well as supporting continual improvements in the quality of our online services. These new agreements and procedures allow us to engage with the open market more efficiently and effectively.

Digital Services

Applications for the Digital Services Framework were taken during April and May 2014, with suppliers submitting details of their capabilities and previous experience as part of a single stage procedure, which was run in accordance with European Union regulations on public procurement.

Given that the digital sector is developing rapidly we plan to re-procure this framework in line with changing business requirements. The current framework has a minimum term of 9 months and sits alongside our other two new Framework Agreements, for Design and Testing.

Digital Design

The seven agencies on our Digital Design Framework are now working closely with each of our ten editorial product teams. Find out more about them in Colin Burns' blog post.

Digital Testing

I’m pleased to confirm that the single supplier Framework Agreement for Digital Testing Services has been awarded to Mindtree. This is a non-exclusive agreement for a minimum of two years, and covers the provision of specialist digital testing services on behalf of a number of BBC teams, not just those working on BBC Online.

Readers will note that there is some degree of overlap between these three Frameworks. This is intentional as we anticipate that at certain times there may be specialist requirements and/or capacity issues which lead us to procure from the Digital Services Framework rather than the other two dedicated Agreements. This gives BBC commissioners a great strength and depth to call upon as needed.

A number Requests for Quotation (RFQs) have already been issued to selected suppliers on the DSF with more due in the coming months, published via the BBC’s BravoSolutions portal.

We recognise that there may be certain projects which fall outside the scope of any of these Frameworks. Any high value (c£50k) contracts which fall into this category will be advertised openly, either via BravoSolutions or our dedicated Commissioning web site.

We’d like to thank all the suppliers who took part in the selection process and congratulate those selected.

A full list of the successful suppliers will be made available soon.

Richard Smith, Head of Market Engagement, BBC Future Media

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