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BBC Online Briefing Winter 2014: Make It Digital, the products

Martin Wilson

Head of Digital Creativity, BBC Design & Engineering

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Martin Wilson and Jon Howard discuss the BBC's Make it Digital campaign


I'm head of Digital Creativity for BBC Future Media and so leading on the digital initiatives that form an important part of the BBC's Make It Digital season next year

At the recent BBC Online Briefing, alongside my colleague Jon Howard, I talked about the motivations and aspirations behind the initiative; some of the steps we’ve already taken this year; and some of the exciting projects we’ll be delivering throughout 2015.

The BBC’s Make It Digital initiative seeks to promote the world of digital creativity and coding, educating the public and delivering tools which they can use to create their own online content.

This project supports a growing need for software developers and designers in the UK, aiming to inspire younger people and plant the seeds for our next generation of creative digital innovators.

As there is so much to cover the campaign actually launched this September, in line with the new school year, and we have seen some exciting tools going live over the last few months, including the Technobabble Maker Kit.

Find out more about Make it Digital in Jessica Cecil’s blog post.

I hope you enjoy the video.


Martin Wilson is Head of Digital Creativity, BBC Future Media

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