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BBC Homepage on mobile: update

Andrew Pipes

Executive Product Manager

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Mockups of how the Beta Homepage looks on a typical tablet and laptop computer.

In February, Homepage visitors accessing the site on mobile devices received a new design.  We've made alterations to the layout of the mobile view during the past two months, in response to your comments. For instance, we've compressed the image size of the promos at the top of the page, so that more of the content is visible on the 'first swipe'.

Those viewing on a desktop computer or laptop will have spotted bigger changes.

We've made each of the sections on the page re-flow to wider 'breakpoints' beyond that afforded by mobile screens. First, those of traditional tablets - around 500-700px wide. Then to around 1000px wide - where most laptops and desktop PCs will display.

Feedback suggested some users of the current desktop website find it difficult to navigate. The big carousel has been improved, especially for tablet users, but it still causes some of you problems. It also hides some content from the audience, which we weren't thrilled about either. The new layout responds to the available screen width, and resizes its content instead. Now, just scroll to find new sections, rather than hunting for buttons on the carousel to click.

The editorial teams have more varied templates to choose from now, too. Some use imagery; others don't. The varied layouts help the site look fresher, and hopefully encourage exploration.

Today, we're publishing a link on the current desktop website to opt in to the new design. Please click on the link in the banner to start using the new website. If you want to revert to the old site, just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on banner there. I'd also like to hear what you've got to say about the new designs. You can comment section on this post, but we've put together a specific survey that you can open via the banner.

When is customisation coming?

Users of the current desktop Homepage can set their location and see BBC News from their local region. Whilst we're close to being able to offer this feature on the Beta Homepage, visitors can't enjoy it just yet. It's being offered alongside other ways to customise your Homepage later this summer, and will be available to those users signing in to their BBC ID.

So if you opt in to the Beta expecting to see your local news, please be aware the only way to see those stories is to revert back to the current desktop website by clicking the banner at the bottom of the page.

Here’s a sneak peek at the designs for how you’ll be able to customise your Homepage in future.

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