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Step into Tech update

Sue Mosley

HR Business Partner

Step into Tech is a D+E initiative to make a positive impact on gender balance in our software engineering community. It's essential that organisations like ourselves make positive interventions like this to take on the challenge of gender diversity within the technology sector. This isn't all we need to do; much more is required, and it's great to see us turn this idea into action.

"It's been fantastic to track the progress of this first cohort of 16 women, as they made their way through the initial selection stage, onto the training programme and then to see how much they have all learned when they presented their projects on graduation evening. It makes me very proud to be the sponsor of this initiative, something that's going to make a real impact; I can't wait to meet our next intake!" Matt Great, Director of Platform, BBC Design+Engineering. 

"The success of this programme is evidence that there are other routes into software engineering as well and not just the traditional routes; as long as the key behaviours can be demonstrated the technical skills can be taught. I know from speaking to all of the students, that many do feel that The Step into Tech programme really has been a life changing experience and opened up a new world of opportunities that some thought were out of reach. I am so proud to have to have been the project lead in getting this programme off the ground and to experience first-hand the positive impact this has had with our first cohort and the teams across Design + Engineering. I look forwarding to planning the next one!" Sue Mosley, HR Business Partner.